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Wireless Billing

Wireless Billing

Learn all about about your wireless bill, usage, and payments.


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I am outside if the us and cannot use my text fixture because I get charged roaming fir the data. I want to sign in my account to view my bill but I c

Billing outside of the US

I am outside of the U.S. and I forgot to turn autopay off before I left the country. I do not know the password for my account and I cannot get a new


This is the fourth time that I have received a notification that my AT&T account is being billed over 100 dollars for making international calls. This


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Paid off collections

I paid off a collections from ATT about 2 years ago and it is still showing on my credit report. Who can I contact to have it removed from my credit?

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COVID 19 Nurses are first responders too!

Hi, I am an Emergency Room Nurse, I was calling to inquire about your first responder discounts and it’s unfortunate that AT&T feels that during this


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Please help! I am currently outside of the US and will not be able to return for a few month due to the COVID 19 situation. I need to cancel my accoun

Never received our $500 credit

In July 2019 an AT&T rep named Andrew came to our door with an offer for phone and internet. Andrew told us if we switched our service over to AT&T fr

Virtual Assistant

Can anyone tell me if there is a virtual assistance program with at&t? I have been overcharged for my account but I do not have service or signal to m

Plan change

Can someone please tell me how to change my $50 plan to the $15 plan asap. My phone bill is due tonight at midnight i added 15$ via refill card and it

Money hungry corporates in critical times

AT&T took money off my card on a number I haven't used in 4 months!! The number isn't even active any more!! Even in hard times you want to do this pe


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