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Prepaid service

I canceled my service with At&T prepaid but got charged for the new bill, is there any way I can a refund on that?

$700 in bill credits yet to be applied

Upgraded phones and switched from Verizon back in November with the promise of 700 in bill credits with my trade in. It’s April and I still haven’t re

Mobile data

Unable to make outgoing calls or receive calls. Have tried all the options offered. No luck so far. Did the update yesterday and now having the issue

Reboot Gateway: How often is normal?

We recently upgraded to fiber and added a wifi extender. There are 2 smartphones, 1 tablet, 1 laptop, and 1 roku stick on the wifi and 1 desktop plugg

Good service




Bill Credit for NBA League Pass and Regional Sports Subscriptions

How can I get a credit for NBA League Pass and Regional Sports subscriptions given games and events have been cancelled due to COVID-19?

Error every morning

Every morning I get error on all tvs. had tech check and he said everything was ok at my house. he said directv has something wrong at thier end. cust

Account reactivation fee.

I wasn't able to put more money on my account before my service expired and I have already paid the activation fee when I first activated my phone. Th


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