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AT&T Phone Installation

AT&T Phone Installation

Help getting your AT&T Digital Phone service up and running.


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Underground service repair

On Wednesday of last week had a AT&T contractor come in and dig up the main trunk line in the back yard to repair a bad connection at my residence.  Thursday, had another AT&T person show up to the house and did nothing to the service.  I have a 4'x6'-7' hole in my back yard with a 4-8 sheet of plyw





Landline wire needs to be reconnected

After Hurricane Ida, the AT&T wire from the phone pole to our home has been down. My father and I want it reconnected. I've called every month and we are still receiving a bill. Last time I called I received a date of repair, December 8, 2021, it still has not  been fixed. We want it fi





While digging a hole in my front yard they threw mud all over the top of my van

While AT&t screwed up our yard without notice, you're illegal workers decided to throw their mud all over the top of my work van. I didn't know anything about this they never once asked me to move my vehicle. So while driving down the highway a car pulls up beside me with mud all over the front of t