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New on demand Format


New on demand Format

The new on demand format is awful!  The boxes look like att is trying to be like the facebook 'likes' which suck anyway.  Those big boxes you are using don't tell us a thing and certainly do not make navigating the on demand list easier, they make it harder.  When I finally do get to a list the font is way to small, the layout gives me a headache and we need to go through far more steps to get where we want to go. Also, when we finally get to a list of shows we now have the title of the episode rather than date it aired. Who knows the show's titles in the right order? NO ONE!! 


Who comes up with these ideas must be on drugs and don't you people trial new ideas with a variety of your population? It seems like you may have had 15 year olds trial it and forget asking adults for their opinion.


"if it ain't broke don't fix it"


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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Yes, this has been listed as a solution in this thread many, many times, however it is NOT a solution.  It is at best a work-around for a huge problem.  The list view works better (not great, but a little better) however, the core of what is completely wrong with the new system still exists in list view.  It is still slow and when you get close to what you want, it still has stupid big boxes for the name of the shows. Furthermore, there are about an extra dozen picks you need to make to actually watch a show from the menu than you did before they changed the system.  List view does not change the number of picks you need to make.  There are way too many picks you need to make to watch something now than there ever were before.  Each step is slow even at the best of times.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

I agree the new format stinks.

Why the eye candy..?

it is slower and cognitively harder to process... did you usability test this at all?


And what happend to Discovery On Demand....?

Seems u-verse service is no longer as appealing as it once was.... ):

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

marcindublin wrote:

The on-demand menuing system, even with list mode, is too slow for the VIP-1216 boxes. It just is. It takes 15 seconds for the initial menu to load and while the menuing system is snappy enough, bringing up the descriptions is painful, especially if you are just browsing.


The search function (specifically, the "more showtimes" feature) just doesn't work. It will bring up shows that don't match the title, shows that do match the title are listed as being at the wrong time (usually, one hour off) and so forth.


Still, the biggest problem is not the menuing software, it is the overall lack of content. AT*T should take whatever resources they have in software development and invest it in content. When the amount of content can match Time Warner or Comcast, then worry about making stuff easier to find. Currently there just isn't enough to warrant an extensive revision to the on-demand menus.  My two cents.

I still had my 1216 when I first got the updated On Demand and it wasn't that slow, initial load was 6-7 seconds and had, in the Free Show section, descriptions come up as quick as the old system did.


Unluckily, ATT can't get alot of the On Demand like the cable companies, they hold a monopoly on much of it.  There is no compunction for them to provide to their IPTV competitor anything.  ATT has to make decisions when/where they can. Smiley Wink



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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

This new format takes forever to use and is not accurate 10% of the time. Can we go back to old format?
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"New" U-verse TV incredibly slow!

We are experiencing horrific slowness ever since AT&T launched the new look and navigation in U-verse OnDemand. I used to be able to quickly browse and select shows or movies on OnDemand. Now, each individual step takes at least 15 - 30 seconds, so the overall process of simply finding and starting a show take several minutes, all the while looking at the loading circle.


In addition, U-Verse tv Search functionality is now super slow, and the results (when you finally get them) are kind of ridiculous. If I painstakingly type in True Blood (which used to take nano-seconds and now is fragmented) the very first result should be what matches your search criteria. Common sense, common practce. Now the show True Blood make not even be on the first page of results and has many duplicative listings. This used to be fast and easy, but someone designed and launched a truly awful new interface without proper testing.


I called Tech Support and they sent someone out to assess this issue, as well as one involving low signal in the areas of my home furtherst from the main box and router. Apparently, there is nothing that can be done. If this situation isn't rectified, we'll have to look at other options. I can't imagine we're the only ones with this problem?

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

MRROK wrote:

I have the highest speed internet, the 450 TV package, and my land line. We also like to rent movies with On Demand 2-3 times a month. I also thought it was extremely high, but when I broke it down everything seemed right in line with all the other cable companies. It's the movie rentals that usually brings the price up. 


Here's a breakdown of last months bill;


TV 450 package: $167.xx 


High Speed Internet: $56.xx


Land Line Phone: $36.xx


2 OD Movies: $14.00 


Service charges and taxes from everyone, lol.


So as you can see, it does all add up. If I paid each one separately, it comes up to about the same. Plus if you look at each charge for the service, it's doesn't look too expensive. Hey, you have to pay to entertain yourself, lol........


Bundles are good, one bill for three services.

ROK Smiley Wink 


I certainly don't doubt you, but this page says the U-450 is approx $120 per month


I'm curious as to how you're paying over $50 more for it. As of the last time I checked, the HD fee and one extra STB were included in that, so you're not paying the $7 STB fee for your first extra box. I can understand that taxes and fees take the bill up, but I'm only paying about $3 or $4 in those taxes.


Call them up and get some promotional offers.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

I don't use ondemand that much except to watch Starz and Showtime i have Netflix and Amazon Prime that's were i go to get episodes of my favorite shows .
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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

naturochem wrote:

I spent an excessive amount of time re-setting passwords etc, in order to login to the forums because I want to let AT&T know that the new On Demand format is simply the MOST MORONIC CHANGE I've been apart to since I signed up at Uverse's inception in my area FOUR YEARS AGO!!!

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!  What on earth are the gurus who come up with these ideas thinking?!   It takes FOREVER times 17 to load, then the menu is completely idiotic....and if that weren't enough, the txt under the ridiculously LAME icons ON MY 80-INCH TV are IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE owing to their .3 pt font and the most unreadable color blue imaginable!!!

Unrelated to the above described issue with the ridiculous new On Demand format, I have had over FOUR HOURS of interaction with AT&T personnel lately owing to a score of problems, which STILL remain unresolved and am seriously contemplating eradicating myself completely from any and all association with AT&T/Uverse.


12 calls, three chat sessions -- three troubleshooting escallations up to LEVEL THREE SUPERVISORS and STILL NO ONE has been able to re-set my "refer-a-friend" account so that I can access my referrals online -- and THIS is simply so that I can provide AT&T with new business that I promised several friends I would do.   Yes, I must need my head examined!?!!    NO REWARD IS WORTH ALL THE YET-TO-BE-SOLVED HEADACHES I'VE EXPERIENCED OVER THE PAST WEEK!!!    I finally had to call retention & EXPLAIN to department staff that if they couldn't MANUALLY CREDIT MY ACCOUNT for the referral so I could schedule service installation for my friend, that I was going to cancel immediately and switch to XFINITY/COMCAST.....AND bring my friend and several past referrals along with me too!!


No, I'm STILL not able to login to my "refer-a-friend" account online, and thus....I'm done referring new business to AT&T....

Wake up AT&T, you're letting what began as a VAST improvment over the competition slip away & digress at a severely rapid pace.

Signed, an OVERLY-disgrunteled, likely soon to be "former" AT&T customer.

I'm so sorry you still can't get into your "refer-a-friend account. Please send us a Private Message with your full name, account number, contact information and the best time to reach you. One of our managers will be happy to contact you and try to resolve. 

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Hmmmmmmmm, I see that they are offering a special for the U-450 package @ 99.00 then it goes up to the regular price in 6 months. I am going to call them though, I too think I'm paying too much for the U-450 package, plus I didn't want the sports package, but they wouldn't take it off and adjust my price. And if I went to the U-300 package I will lose all the movie channels. I'm defiantly going to call them today and see what I can do. I know I've been getting tons of offers from other cable companies that's way cheaper than U-verse. One company I will never get again is DirectTV, which I think AT&T has something to do with. I had them for years before I switched over to U-verse. But I couldn't take losing the signal every time the wind blew or the threat of a storm. Forget TV if it's raining or snowing out. Since I've had U-Verse, I think we only lost the signal once or twice in the 10 years we've been customers. That right there is worth a little extra money, but not as much as I'm paying according to some of you people. Just so you know for comparison, I have 3 HD boxes on 3 HD tv's, I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


I would like to know what everyone else is paying for the U-450 package. It would be interesting to see if I am getting ripped off.


Thanks for the info "Baseballisback",

ROK Smiley Happy 

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

MRROK wrote:

I would like to know what everyone else is paying for the U-450 package. It would be interesting to see if I am getting ripped off.




I am paying $142 a month for U450 + 18 MB Internet for a 4 tv setup. I was paying $133 last year , and when my contract was up called retentions and reupped another year.


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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Wow am I getting ripped off!!!!!  I got U200 on a 3 TV setup, 18MB internet and the most basic-est U-Verse Voice phone package there is and I am paying $202 a month and been with them between 3-4 years now.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

tgoodhue225 wrote:

Wow am I getting ripped off!!!!!  I got U200 on a 3 TV setup, 18MB internet and the most basic-est U-Verse Voice phone package there is and I am paying $202 a month and been with them between 3-4 years now.

Yikes. We got rid of our land line. I'm not sure if they factor in that we have had cell service for 10 yrs. with them or not. I do know for the 3 mobiles we have with them our phone bill is $200 + a month. They customer service reps I have dealt with were awesome, and I never had to threaten to leave for them to give me the last deal I got.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Yeah I have been wanting to get rid of that land line for years, for some reason the wife still thinks we need one.  We both have a bizillion cell minutes a month we never ever even come close to using.  I'm not sure what portion of my bill that is, I think it is like ~ $40.  Been thinking about dropping it to save that money for something else.  Maybe we'll go magic jack, or one of those other services.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

The On Demand speed has improved to the point where it's now fine, and I actually enjoy it. But I REALLY wish they'd fix the "more showtimes" function is literally broken at this point, and the "search" function is works, but is not nearly as good as it once was.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

$142 a month and you got all three in your bundle? TV, high speed Internet, Land line? I called them yesterday and after spending the whole time, 1 1/2, being shuffled from person to person, I hung up. I'll try to call them back again today and this time I'm staying on line till I get some answers!!!!!! I kind of thought we were getting ripped off!!!
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