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Have any of you checked out the new browser. I like the old one better cause there is more info in front of you. Instead the new one makes you click through everything. It also forces certain pages on you. We loose some of the choices we use to have. In sports your only allowed to show 6 teams. I want to see all the scores at once. You cannt have the RSS feeds we use to have. Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the old browser?


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Re: How can I get my old home page back

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Kong57 wrote:

It is not beta anymore in the Dallas area. I found a solution to get my old page back.  is just like the old page. Still have the old settings. Smiley Happy

A big thank you to Kong57 for this simple and effective solution.  I, too, don't like the new page, especially because it is non-customizable.  Also no local news tab that I can find.  It also uses my ISP location for weather but will not retain my default setting of the actual city I live in.  The old page isn't perfect, but still better than the new.



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Thanks for the easy fix. I tried going through att sites to get my homepage back and they were absolutely useless. I have my homepage set the way I like it and want nothing to do with their new site.

thanks again, 


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Seems like att/Yahoo had two big misses on this -
After offering user customization as a desirable feature & having people like & apply it they failed to apply the embedded customization to the screen changes.

Asking each person if they wanted to apply the new screen or stay with the old one.

This is like a major software upgrade - the user must have the choice of applying it or not. And, when applied it must include all the users embedded settings.

Hope they change for the sake of all these people. I never liked the old one, so I was not impacted.
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Re: vs

Thank you! This works!
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Re: How can I get my old home page back

USE this

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Re: vs

go to Internet options ,click on, about blank ,type three times under each other
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Re: vs


If you use It is getting ready to change again...

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