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After the Reformatting: Settings to Optimize Gigapower Speed?


After the Reformatting: Settings to Optimize Gigapower Speed?

I am running a laptop with Windows Home 7.


Because I had a hard disk crash, I had to reformat the laptop, including all settings, reinstall all my programs, and set up my internet connections again. I am connected via wifi to AT&T Gigapower using a Pace 5268 gateway, and I usually run my wireless Internet through a third-party ASUS router, just like before. Since the reformatting, my Internet speeds are much slower than before the reformat.


Before my reformat, running wifi Internet through the Gateway, my laptop could exceed 400 MB up/down while in the room where the gateway is, and 250 up/down wifi through the router. Since the reformat and reinstall, I rarely exceed 150 up and 200 down in the room through the Gateway, and surprisingly, same numbers or even slightly better through the router. Also, when I run a wired connection through a CAT-6 cable connected through the Gateway, I now get high 400s down and about 800 up. Before the reformat, I could exceed 800, even 900, both up and down through the cable.


When I connect on iOS devices, I can still hit 500 up/down while in the gateway room, so the gateway itself does not appear to be the problem.


I suspect there are something settings in the laptop itself I could check into and tweak to improve my speed. Any tweak suggestions you can offer up to fix this, I'm all ears. Thanks.


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Re: After the Reformatting: Settings to Optimize Gigapower Speed?

Good morning @Tal_Flood,

It is my understanding you are dealing with slow data speeds.  We definitely want to do everything we can to speed up your service.  I will be happy to offer my assistance.

Please visit our Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool.  To ensure the most accurate and robust troubleshooting experience we will ask you to log in with your user ID and password.

Once you have successfully signed in, select Internet > Slow Browse > I Have Internet > Single Device > Wireless > PC/Laptop > [Your browser] and follow the on screen instructions.  This tool will diagnose the root cause of your problems and provide you with the best resolution.

Thank you for utilizing the Community Forums, and have a fantastic weekend.

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: After the Reformatting: Settings to Optimize Gigapower Speed?

Thanks all the same, Anthony, but I don't need to be told to dump my 3rd party router and problem solved. I addressed all this in my OP, which your does not address.


Anyone else, especially anyone outside of ATTCares who has Windows chops, who can suggest tweaks I can make to my laptop settings to increase download speeds to where they were on this same machine before the reformat, I'm all ears.

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