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Saturday, January 13th, 2018 4:37 AM

AT&T UVerse App on Chromebook

I use the UVerse App on my Android phone and it works well, and I was hoping that I could use the same app on my Android app enabled Chromebook (ASUS C302).


The app starts fine, and I am able to login. I have not been able to watch live TV as the app complains about location (although I am at home). I was able to watch a brief show via OnDemand but the app closed.


I am not sure why the app is not working on the Chromebook and I am wondering if anyone is having success.

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11 months ago

The only consistent thing with ATT Uverse app is that there is no real support.  It's a horrible piece of code written by half (Edited per community guidelines) app developers who should never be allowed to write code.
Works poorly on Android phone - works sometimes but does not allow full screen. Who wants to watch a 2" x 1" screen. Don't have any issues with other streaming apps.
Supposed to work on Chromebook, but good luck with that. It hasn't worked on mine ever just shuts down even though the app is allowed to install.


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10 months ago

I just retired my iPad Air 2 as it was end of life with no iOS updates, I have a new Google Pixel Chromebook that when I try to watch live tv, the app just restarts over again. I looked at this thread, it appears that it has never worked on Chromebook....

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