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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 5:07 AM

APN settings for my OnePlus One

Just got a OnePlus and it is defintiely LTE compatible based on the device specs (says it is bands 4/17 compatible). 


Now, when I spoke w/ ATT on the phone they said the device may not work at LTE speeds. From what I'm reading online, this is because the SIM I'm using has never been registered on a LTE network. 


Users of other unlocked phones have mentioned this is an issue and have suggested the following: 

Put the micro SIM in a compatible LTE phone and turn it on. The SIM should register on the network. Put the SIM back in the unlocked phone and you should be good to go. 


To test that I'll have to find a compatible phone, but so far changing the APN settings hasn't worked. 


Any thoughts from ATT or otherwise?

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8 years ago

@tdlegrand wrote:

Hi all,

  Posted a new thread about this but saw the comments from the AT&T employee and thought I'd share what customer service supervisor said today.


He had apparently worked with the IMEI team on a project in which they were working out how to support phones that were not originated with AT&T (or any carrier).  The current "fix" was to send an email to the "IMEI Ranges" team with the IMEI #(s) that needed to be added.  She cautioned that it could take 2 weeks and that I would get an e-mail confirming once completed.





with the 1+1 that was not the problem it had overlaping IMEI ranges so they were coded wrong.  The asus zen 2 also has that problem



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6 years ago

Solved OnePlus 5 h+ data speed problem on AT&T.

Ok, here's my story & solution . I ordered the 128GB OnePlus 5 off there website on the initial early 6/20 release date for shipment to me in Florida.  I previously owned a Galaxy S5 with a larger sim card, so I had to take the OnePlus into an At&T dealer store to get a nano-sim card & it set up on the network . After this, as far as I can recollect, I had 4G speed until hurricane Irma & then after that cell reception was spotty & the best that I eventually received was h+.  I initially assumed  the h+ was from storm damage, but then eventually searched online for a solution . I went into the AT&T dealer & they gave me a new sim card & veried my IMEI was correct on the network & also verified my APN settings.  Nothing restored 4G, so he scheduled an appointment for me at the AT&T corporate store . I explained the problem to the corporate rep & possible solutions that I read about online.  Ultimately he changed the IMEI in AT&T's system back to my old Galaxy 5 phone, which I still had and then instantly I was receiving LTE+ signal on my One plus 5 phone .  He showed me the AT&T screen, which now shows my Galaxy IMEI # & shows that I have the Galaxy connected to AT&T's network, which I don't.  My Galaxy has been powered off with no sim card.  It's now 4+ hours later & my OnePlus 5 appears to be working fine with LTE+.

...hope this solution helps others.

{I assume that AT&T has the wrong specs in there system & thus is limiting the signal they send to the phone to only h+.   My solution seems to be a work around, but it worked for me.}



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6 years ago

May i ask what they did to fix your issue? I am asking because I am having similar issues with my OnePlus 6

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