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Wed, Jul 10, 2013 8:50 AM

Is 3G Micro Cell is still free?

We have been custormer with AT&T for a long time. Last year we moved into a new apartment complex and due to its location we experience horrible signal inside our house. Not just getting tire of stepping out side to make a call but what worst is that we have been missing a lot of phone calls from other people. I heard that AT&T gave out this unit one time in the past but are they still giving it to their loyal customers anymore?





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5 years ago

Agreed.  I'd like to hear the nuts and bolts technical reason why the Android phones aren't included, not the vague "different versions of the Android OS" that we've been fed.  Haven't seen any articles on this of sufficient detail to explain the difficulty of incorporating WiFi-C into AT&T's network for Android yet.  If someone has a link to one, I'd like to read it.  If the other carriers are providing it, then it can't be that difficult.


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

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