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america's cup?


america's cup?

i can't find the america's cup sailing races on u-verse. are they not being carried?

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Re: america's cup?

Yes, its being shown on NBC Sports Network channel 1640.

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Re: america's cup?

Checked the channel and it is not listed as being available.  Can someone help me find the correcta channel please?

thank you

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Re: america's cup?

While the Guide information is incorrect, the final race will be airing at 4pm today on NBC Sports


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Re: america's cup?

americangame wrote:

While the Guide information is incorrect, the final race will be airing at 4pm today on NBC Sports

That is the rub against multi-network sports outfits, programming could be on any one of many channels.  There were at least a few threads from the past summer on F1 races.  "NBC" put them on many different channels, just as ESPN does with NASCAR (ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News).

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Re: america's cup?

Retired825 and americangame are both correct. You should see the race being shown on 640 or 1640 for the HD version of the channel. The final race will be airing at 4 pm EST today.


Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Re: america's cup?

The problem is, according to the original schedule, the last race should have been on Sunday.  However, a number of races were postponed due to bad wind conditions, so you will need to make a manual recording on NBCSN; the race is scheduled to start at about 4:10 Eastern, but if the winds aren't right, they can delay the start until something like 5:40, so I would set a recording until something like 6:30 Eastern just to be sure (since a race can't last longer than 40 minutes without being called off).


If there's no race Wednesday, repeat on Thursday.


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