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Who do we have to know to get service installed?


Who do we have to know to get service installed?

AT&T has scheduled and cancelled installation appointments for new U-verse internet/TV service at our home no fewer than EIGHT times in the past three weeks. It is a "facility issue," which no one will explain or tell us when it will be fixed, but you continue to reschedule appointments for just a few days ahead, then cancel the day before or even a few hours before the appointment. We receive no phone calls about this, by the way--we only find out the appointment is cancelled when we check with website, which is hard to do because--see above--WE DON'T YET HAVE INTERNET. 


How can one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world have such spectacularly poor customer service? If it's a serious hardware issue that will take you weeks to fix, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS?? Why can't anyone we speak to give us a straight answer? Why does your scheduling division apparently live in a wholly different universe (U-verse?) from your hardware and service division? HOW DO YOU EVEN MAKE MONEY DOING BUSINESS LIKE THIS??


If you weren't a monopoly in our area, we would've told you to go pound sand long ago. But you're the only game in town, and you definitely act like it. In my previous job I worked very hard for several years to help earn AT&T millions of dollars worth of positive publicity through Georgia Tech's online MS in Computer Science program. If I'd known then what I know now about how you do business, I might have found another job rather than help you. Thanks for nothing.


If any human who can actually help move this process forward and be straight-up with us sees this message, refer to case # K59759866. Right now we're starting to realize that we may never get service installed and AT&T may simply keep dicking us around for eternity. It's literally incredible to us this is happening. If this is the way you treat people who are TRYING to become your customers, how much worse will it be once you've got us? Sheesh, we thought Comcast was bad--you make them look like red carpet service.


Furious with AT&T,


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Re: Who do we have to know to get service installed?

Hello @M.A.Terrazas


We're happy to look into this to try and find out what's causing the delay with your installation! We'll be sending you a Private Message to gather more details and start working toward a resolution. Be sure to check your Inbox for the message.


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Who do we have to know to get service installed?

AH! THIS EXACTLY THE TROUBLE I'M GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW WITH ATT! The only difference is- ATT "accidentally" cancelled my service and the only way for me to get it back was to start another account and BUY, yes, BUY, the old equipment from them knowing full well they would have to install NEW equipment for my "NEW" service(that I didn't want to cancel in the first place). ATT is a monopoly in my area as well, so if I want to live in this century, I, too, have to suffer getting *** around. Oh-no one can tell me what a "facility error" is either.



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