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Yet another 3rd party apps thread


Yet another 3rd party apps thread

For my entire ATT Uverse subscription, I have never had access to any 3rd party apps (HBO GO, WatchESPN, Bravo NOW, etc). I can sign in to my account through HBO GO just fine, however it tells me that my subscription does not include HBO. The OnDemand service is extremely lackluster and is not a suitable replacement; the selection is far less than the 3rd party apps, and I have had the audio/video become unsynced on many occasions while watching OnDemand content.


I first spoke to ATT support about this issue and they instructed me to finish the setup of my ATT Access ID, which didn't work. They then told me that it's actually an outage that, coincidentally, will be fixed tomorrow!....that was 3 weeks ago. I called back and they said they would escalate the problem and it would be fixed within 2 hours!...that was 2 weeks ago. I called back again and they told me that I should just use the Uverse app instead because it's HBO's fault that it's not working and they can't do anything about it. I have had 4 different TV providers over the years, and all of them worked with 3rd party apps (even ATT when I had it 4 years ago). 


This is clearly a problem with ATT's system, and reading through the forums it is clear that people have been experiencing this issue going all the way back to 2015 or so (around the same time as the DIRECTV acquisition). 


Since ATT support has proven to be useless so far, I set to scouring the forums to find solutions from other users. Multiple people reported possible solutions, but none seem to work for me. I tried changing my password to exclude/include special characters, I tried modifying my user ID to exclude/include the @ symbol, I tried setting up subaccounts and signing in with those, I tried changing my user ID to match my Access ID email...


I tried basically everything I could think of that might make a difference. I am convinced that this issue is not solvable on my end. If I can't get this issue fixed then I will be forced to cancel my service with ATT Uverse and go back to Xfinity.

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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

Yup! Same problem here!

Going on two weeks now I cannot sign into anything.


I tried all the solutions, same as you and nothing. AT&T keeps lying to their customers.


I filed a BBB complaint and wow, two days later I got a call and an email from AT&T corporate wanting to speak with me about the issue.


I was unavailable for the call, so I wrote back on their email today and am now awaiting a response.


I am going to demand they either fix this in a timely manner or credit my bill or I'm leaving this service.


I recommend everyone else with this issue to do the same - take the 15-20 minutes, file a formal BBB complaint, and AT&T is required to respond to them.


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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

That’s a great suggestion, I’ll go ahead and file a complaint with the BBB tonight.


I don’t know why I bothered, but I spent another hour on the phone with support today trying to get it fixed. I ended up just getting the same canned outage excuse and a promise that it would be fixed within the next 24-48 hours (yeah right!). 


ATT seriously needs to fix this issue or they are going to be susceptible *** over false advertising and charging customers for a service that they are not providing.


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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

 I've been through the SAME exact thing ,when I call in for support agents just keep rebooting my system ,Also ATT can't give an ETA , they also say the issue comes and goes, one agent insists ,I need to buy a  LG V40 ThinQ phone, with an unlimited data plan ,I already have unlimited Internet plan with my package ,another agent insists ,I need a Firestick from Amazon. AT&T also said ,if channels appear on TV screen ,that's all they are responsible for .I guess my U300 package does not come with any subscriptions 

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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

Switched from Xfinity to U-verse and my Watch ESPN is dead. Very sad because I loved broadcasting it to my tv.

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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

Amazingly, my apps suddenly started working tonight. Support never followed up with me, I just randomly had the inclination to try again. I don't know if it just took time for my account to process or if someone at ATT actually did something on their end, but I'm happily watching HBO GO finally.

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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

Someone must have done something.  My Showtime and Watch ESPN apps started workiing yesterday also.

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Re: Yet another 3rd party apps thread

Hey ATT, you want to fix my 3rd party app problem too? I think I’ll pop a blood vessel if I have to sit through your stupid automated phone system one more time just to tell me to download the U-Verse app as if that’s a suitable substitute for the content in the third party apps. Please fix!

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