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Can we Cancel TV and Keep Internet


Can we Cancel TV and Keep Internet

Is it possible to cancel U-Verse TV and switch to a different provider using the same coaxial cable but keep U-Verse  internet without reverting back to DSL? When we first had –Verse installed I was told if I ever cancelled UVerse my internet service would have to go back to DSL service. 

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Re: Can we Cancel TV and Keep Internet

Yes, you can keep U-Verse Internet so long as all computers are connected either wirelessly or via Ethernet (Cat5e) cable, and the residential gateway (the 2Wire unit) is connected to the outside line via phone wiring or Cat5e wiring.


All that would need to happen is that the house's coax system is disconnected from the residential gateway, and then it can be used for a different TV provider.


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Re: Can we Cancel TV and Keep Internet

Thanks for replying. We might have to run a Cat5 cable for the gateway. Right now it is coax and runs through a splitter for the TVs.  I wouldn't have to worry about this if U-Verse and Fox Sports Midwest would settle their contract dispute.

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Re: Can we Cancel TV and Keep Internet

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