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Does iPhone 5s A1530 work with AT&T?

Does iPhone 5s A1530 work with AT&T?

If I buy a A1530 iPhone 5s in Asia Pacific, would it work with the AT&T network?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Does iPhone 5s A1530 work with AT&T?


Hi @pwblahblahblah 


Based on its specifications, it should work, as long as it's unlocked. Keep in mind that bringing a phone from another carrier might have its issues even if it technically works, some features might not work or not work properly. In some cases they're slower too as they may not be able to connect to LTE.




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Re: Does iPhone 5s A1530 work with AT&T?

Thank you!

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Re: Does iPhone 5s A1530 work with AT&T?

Also, before you buy, be aware that Apple's warranty is valid only in the country in which the phone is purchased. If you take it to another country, you'll have no warranty without returning it to where you bought it (in overseas shipments accepted).

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