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Samsung Captivate and Yahoo e-mail


Samsung Captivate and Yahoo e-mail

Have the phone about 5 months, set up to get my e-mail direct to the phone. Not with an app just directly, all of a sudden not getting the email to the phone says my user name or password incorrect, have checked have the correct user name and password, how can i reset to get my mail again, do not like the droid app as it always freezes, prefer this way, any suggestions...Thanks in advance.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Samsung Captivate and Yahoo e-mail

This may have been answered. Just use the forum search for keywords...



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Re: Samsung Captivate and Yahoo e-mail

Thanks, followed that link, saw same problems from others, used their answers and fixed the e-mail...Thanks again

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