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Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP


Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

I currently have one xbox 360 connected to my router/modem via cable, not wireless and I want to connect a second xbox with another xbox live account but in order to do so the router/modem must fully support UPnP.

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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

The AT&T provided 2Wire gateway does not support UPnP.


However, if you have a router that does support UPnP, you can put this router behind the AT&T-supplied gateway, and configure your router to become the "DMZPlus" device.  Your router will then be able to support UPnP for your equipment.


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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

That's something I've never understood Joe, UPnP has been around for years and makes making holes in firewalls dead simple since the device asks for it.  No playing with pinholes, etc.  Why the 2Wire device doesn't support UPnP is beyond me.

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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

It's a convenient feature, but it's a band-aid on the real problem:


• Firewall holes wouldn't be necessary with properly designed protocols in most cases.  There is no reason that a client application behind the firewall should have to have an inbound port opened.  Only server applications should need that functionality.  FTP is a prime example of a poorly designed protocol.


• NAT is the root of all evil. Smiley Wink  Once IPv6 becomes commonplace, NAT will get it's long-overdue burial.  Without NAT, the network design is simpler and many firewall problems are eliminated.


• UPnP is a security nightmare.  One clever piece of malware on one computer just allows it to open the door for every other piece of malware to walk in.



As for specifically why 2Wire chose not to support UPnP, I don't know.  But really, a properly designed network shouldn't need it.


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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

No doubt, I know that UPnP is a hackjob to say the least.  And yes, I know that there are security implications with UPnP but as anyone knows, there is a fine line you have to walk between making it easy to use and making it secure.

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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

while I appreciate your vast knowlege on the subject.. and i do mean that respectfully ... Your answer is like me telling a client that has memory problems on a pc that the archetecture of a pc is way past its prime and needs to be completely reworked. True but doesnt solve a problem this year.


Its pretty obvious by now that many uverse clients need a easy fix. Im trying to view a security system over the internet. Its a common Costco model thats very popular. Even viewing it locally on my lan requires ( if im doing this correctly.. ) port forwarding or opening up ports. While your company may not want to solve these problems due to a cost issue, it would be a shame to loose clients that want this option. Also the router only has G wireless.. really? why? Please dont tell me that they are waiting for the next approved version. Also if you could list some compatable routers without "Approving" them it would be nice to know what works for other people.


if i do put a different router on the front of the uverse hardware.. can i use the N wifi off of my Linksys router? while doing so? that would kill two birds with one stone.


The truth is I love my uverse.  I want to keep my uverse and I want to be able to reccomend it to all my friends as i have done .. and not asked for the kickback.. the tv side of this is a keeper. The phone service has been great. Im waiting for the internet side to catch up. But i have faith.. Smiley Embarassed


I also wanted to say how nice it is to have such knowlegeable people answering questions on this site. You deserve Kudos.!

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

mark {Personal content removed for safety}

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Re: Does the ATT UVERSE suppied modem fully support UPnP

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