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Can't Send Emails from Outlook


Can't Send Emails from Outlook

I can't send emails from Outlook - even though I have been sending for hte last 11 years, wiht problems only in the last month. 

First 2 Suport calls, they didn't somehting that freed something up and it worked for a while, now they say I must sign up for the monthy support for 1 year to get their help in getting it fixed.

My specifics:

 - DSL line

 - Incoming email works fine on my .com server (using a non-AT&T address)

 - Outgoing email produces the message:  "Enter Network Password" for the server (which uses the BellSouth email address)!


I can supply additional information, but is there someone out there who can HELP ME?!


Thank you,


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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Try using the same outgoing server as the incoming (non ATT) on port 587 with no encryption.


AT&T email is as useless as the DSL. It constantly acts up.

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Thank you, but I'm concerned about one thing:  If I use the same outgoing server, won't that mess up me using my own email?

(I use a different domain name email address.)

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

I was a big chicken, but your recommendation worked.  Thanks - only wish I'd tried it a week ago!

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

I've tried all of the suggestions.  I have tried using port 25, 465, 585, 587 & 995, all with the same reults, "Outlook cannot connect to the SMTP outbound server."  AT&T Tech Support is worthless.  They don't have a clue and only purpose is to sell you a $15/mo service contract.  I need to use Outlook for business.  I can't get the entire business to switch to a different system.  Why does AT&T block Outlook/server connections?  I can understand that they would like to promote their own email services, but this move and complete lack of customer service does not make sense in today's world. 

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Check to see if your account is Disabled.  AT&T can't help you, because they're too stupid and untrained, but I couldn't get my email in Outlook either.  All the usual stuff:  AT&T can't help,  we don't support Outlook, it's obviously YOUR problem.


See if you account has been inadvertantly disabled.  Go to, and login in to your account (right side of screen).  Next screen: click on the word Internet underneath the symbol of a terminal.  Next screen:  Now find and click on "Profile" in the menu line near the top.  Under "User Information" scroll down to "Status."


Yesterday I saw it was "Disabled," and I could not get eMail via pop/smtp.  I spent two hours on the phone with everyone at AT&T I talked to denying there is any such setting...then, this morning, it was "Active," and my eMail is working again.  Who knows who, at AT&T, changed it, but it explains a lot.


--Carol Anne



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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

After suffering this problem this month and reviewing several forums on here I have found the following solution that works.

1- This is NOT an Outlook Problem.

2- This is an ATT Yahoo Mail settings problem.


Here are the changes to make it work.I have tested it with Outlook 2003 using Comcast as an ISP and also with AT&T as an ISP.


1- Enter Your Name: Joe User

2- Enter Your EMail Address:

3- Enter Your Login Information:

    Set User Name:

    Set Password: "Joes-Password"

    Set the option "ON" to "Remember Password"

4- Server Information:

     Set Incoming Mail Server (POP3):

     Set Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

5- Set Mail Acccount Name to:

6- Set Outgoing Server Settings:

    Set Option "ON" for "My outgoing server requires authentication"

    Set Log on settings to:

           User Name:

           Password: "Joes-Password"

           Set Remember password to "on"

7- Set connection to "Connect using my local area network (LAN)

8- Set Advanced Options as follows:

           Set Incoming server (POP3) Port to 995

           Set Outgoing server (SMTP) Port to 465

           Set This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) to "ON"



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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Nope, that didn't work for me either, just one more setting to the list that isn't working for me.


Thanks for the effort.


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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Sorry this solution isn't workiing for me, I still can not send email, but I've gotten the email saying I was a new member to this forum.




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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

I did all of the above "but" left my and changed my port to 587 and it worked.

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

None of the above solutions work for me.  It looks like it does when I run the test but it still won't send my mssages.

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Re: Can't Send Emails from Outlook

Many thanks, Phillip!!!!!


I was trying to put outlook mail 2010 on my wife's new Win 10 machine. Could not get it to log in, even though I could log in on her other machine using the same settings.


I changed the outgoing port to 587, and it connected but would not work with SSL. I changed the encryption to "none"..... that would not work either. 


I finally changed encryption to "auto", and voila!....... it's up and running.


Thanks very much!

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