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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 11:29 PM

Why don't ATT customer care representatives notate accounts properly.

I have theory and I love anomolies.


The theory is as follows.  ATT employees do not notate the account in order that ATT does not have to honor what is said to its clients.  A user must request to have someting notated and then request the customer service person repeat the notation to the account back to client.  


I truly can not even begin to account for how many times I have been lied too by ATT. I have called in again and again only to hear something compeltely different or fall under the cowardice of " sorry I do not see that in notated in the account"  


For example:  Today.  I called in wondering why my account was still being billed when it should have been placed on suspension while I am out of the country. Then just before I left the country. my phone was lost/stolen and I called in to have the EMEI discontinued.  


Neither of these things took place. The answer by the "Senior Floor Supervisor"  Ken was to the effect that " he doesn't see the notes so he can not account for this". 


How is a customer service suppose to be upheld if the simpliest action is not taken place?  


Futher. The only part that can disable a EMEI number is the insurance company? Why does a company like ATT sell phone if they are not able to cease communications on thier own system? 


It seems a little stupid that a company who sell you a phone and phone service cannot stop the phone from being used. Rather the insurance company are the "group" that stops the phone service.  Remember the insurance company are the people who are sending you a refurbished model of the same phone. Weither refurbished model works or not is also subjective. 


But the point here is not the refurbished model or the insurance company.  The point is the inattentiveness to what is said by the customer service representitive. A customer representitive who will disconnect the call if they do not know how to answer the question.  


A $25 credit was offered. I simply want what the ATT terms of service state for those who are travelling out the country.   


1. I am out of the country.

    I want a reduced suspension ( My bill goes to $10 a month while I am out of the country.) 

    To have my phone suspended and still pay the full cost is stupid.  

    And I am not paying for these peoples mistake.   It is not my job to take notes about the

    clients accounts that pay for a service for the company that I work for. 


2.  I want what is offered and stated to me to be notated and upheld. 

     I pay for a serivce ( you pay for a service)  the least these people can do is their job.



I am tried of apologies, I am tired of being made to call repeatedly and spend 2 -4 hours trying to get one person who can "almost" do their job.   This company customer service is a joke. the actual service is relatively good, but the employees in customer service are of the worst quality.  


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10 years ago

How long ago did you request the suspension? Since AT&T provides statments every month, they usually can't credit to correct back more than a couple of months, since as the consumer it is our job to review our bills to make sure everything is correct.


It sounds like you had a really poor experience, and that stinks.


Agents usually can't read you verbatim account notes to protect from social engineering. It is terrible that good customer's cannot have that provided to them, but it's strictly to protect them from nefarious folks who are up to no good, and it can prevent MUCH bigger problems than it can cause. Over the phone, any ol' body who got a hold of your cell number and your last four could pretend to be you, and I know I wouldn't want my personal information shared on the assumption that I am who I say I am.


As for agent's not noting, it also stinks that not everyone is great at their job. That is what the escalation process is for. It gets you to vetted employees with experience that managed to climb up the chain of command. On here, the folks you want to contact are ATTCustomerCare. Send them a message with your account info and your contact information, best time to reach you, etc. and include your complaint/question. They are very good at getting in touch.

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