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Need help understanding your bill?
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Saturday, February 17th, 2018 4:28 PM

Overcharged bill after doing multi lines

I have used AT&T for 6 months with no problem until I add my friend to the multi-line. The online seems fine but the money AT&T deducted from my account is $30 more than it should be.
I tried to call customer service but it didn't work.
Need explanation and solution for this asap.

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6 years ago

Hello and good afternoon @Luangp.

Thank you for participating in the Community Forums.  It can be disconcerting when a bill is higher than normal.  Various reasons can cause an increase such as plan changes, prorated charges, overages, or mobile purchase.  If your account to be reviewed; we can do this.

I will be sending you a Private Message to your Forum’s Inbox, so we investigate your account further.  I will be looking forward to your response.  I wish you the best, and have a great day!

Richard, AT&T Community Specialist



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6 years ago

My bill is actually a lot higher than what I was told it would be when I signed up. What I was told would be the charge for both lines is actually just for one. I just had to replace a phone and for some reason the charge is about $16 more than it should be. I even looked at my bill. I added up all the charges and it is still a lot higher than what it should be. Either I cannot do basic math or they can't.

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6 years ago

There os some information needed in order to assist with your issue. 

What plan are you on? How many total lines? How many installment plans? Is there insurance (if so what is it called) on any of the lines? 

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