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Need help understanding your bill?
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Friday, April 19th, 2024 2:20 AM

Help! I Transferred Billing Today, and Now Can't Find Plan I Signed Up For After Merge


Today, I went solo on my own phone plan after the primary transferred billing responsibility for my line. Soon after picking a plan, getting a PIN, etc., I got an email to complete by signing in. So far, so good. Then, it asked me to merge my old account. I didn't remember having an old account... but it was for sure my email, so I went ahead and merged. Apparently, years ago, I signed up for Direct TV and canceled immediately (I do not remember doing this...). Anyway, that's the account I merged with. But all I can see on this merged account is my old Direct TV account. When I go on the AT&T website, it keeps trying to push me to the Direct TV website. And I can't see the Wireless plan I signed up for and made a PIN for. I haven't gotten a Customer Service Summary/Agreement in my email or anything.

I still have service, but I am worried I will be late on a bill if I don't figure out how to get things corrected.

What is going on???

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1 month ago

Hi @henrywillard, we understand where you're coming from. Let's get the help you need on your account.

The Community Forums are a public support option where other users, and AT&T, will try and assist with high level support needs.   This means we won’t be able to look into account specific concerns.  To get the help you need for your unique issue, please review our Contact us page : and choose the best option to reach out to us.  You can call, chat, or reach out via social media and we can review your specific issue and provide you support.  If you feel your issue isn’t account specific, and can be answered generally, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for contacting AT&T Community & Forums,

Susan, AT&T Community Specialist

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1 month ago

This is only a customer populated forum not a way to get a hold of AT&T. You will have to call AT&T tomorrow and ask for assistance to separate your wireless account. 

You can also ask them how to get rid of the old DirecTV reference. AT&T no longer owns DirecTV so for life I can't imagine why they would merge 

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1 month ago

Thanks for your reply. I know this is a customer forum, but I figure my case wouldn't be rare given how everything unfolded. The email and sign-in prompts effectively shunted me into this outcome.

Is it abnormal to not have a CSS? I thought that legally, carriers had to send you one.

I will call AT&T tomorrow...

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1 month ago

AT&T acquired DirecTV several years ago and were merging logins and websites into one unified login. Then in the last couple years they sold of a portion of DirecTV to a new co-owner who is handling day to day management. This resulted in separating them into their own entities again. Just like the origional acquisition this is causing some unified problems.

You need to call AT&T and speak to their web team to separate/reset the logins and access completely. Be prepared you may need to use a different email to avoid them trying to combine again.

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1 month ago

Thanks everybody, I'll call at some point tomorrow and hopefully get it all squared away.

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