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Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 8:48 PM

False advertising

I have an att prepaid Hotspot plan and called customer service on 2/2/23 and while waiting the advertisement automated message offers a $55 100gb plan best value plan I immediately told agent I wanted that plan since I'm currently paying $55 for 50 gb plan he advised that was not an offered plan that its grandfathered and no one can add it so I asked for sup waited on hold over an hour only to be told same.  This is false advertising i would like to resolve this without going to BBB.

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8 months ago

Sorry but there is nothing to resolve. There used to be a 100GB $55 plan but that was discontinued and replaced by the 50GB plan long ago. Obviously they were running a old automated ad. Go ahead and file a BBB complaint, maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll give you that plan. Most likely, they’ll just make sure they don’t run that old ad anymore.

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