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Friday, April 16th, 2021 6:54 PM

Broken, inaccessible S10 Phone

So I've been dealing with this for about a week and a half now.. My Galaxy s10 broke a while back (dropped it and the screen cracked), but this time the screen became unresponsive to touch. It would still light up and unlock with the face recognition, but the touchscreen wouldn't do anything. I tried to go file a claim for a screen replacement, and for some reason the insurance page said it wasn't covered. I can't afford to replace the device completely, nor can I considering the phone is beyond repair at this point (tried fixing the screen myself once I saw that insurance wouldn't take it). 

I still have a lot left on my installment plan, can't afford the replacement fee, and I had been considering switching to a cheaper carrier anyways since my bill is so high. I can't access my bill info online because my phone is shot, so I don't know what options I have available to figure this out. I just want to cancel my service and move to a cheaper carrier, but I can't do that without paying the rest of the installment plan.

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3 years ago

Not covered?  Or they can't replace it?  More specific please? 

It's Not Unusual for the insurance company not to have replacement parts or for the problem to be more than just the glass, and actually involve the digitizer which is attached to the screen. If that is broken the entire phone needs to be replaced oh, it's not just  broken glass.  From your description, I would say that is the case, not just glass. 

Even if screen replacement is not available, you should be able to get the entire device replaced and of course pay the deductible involved. You do have a limited amount of time to make a claim and replace your phone with insurance after which Asurion will no longer help you.  It may be down to 30 days, cannot confirm.

I'm not sure what you're asking?   

If you can't afford the deductible oh, and you can't afford to continue paying your bill, how are you going to afford a new phone with a different carrier?   You'll be charged taxes up front.    And then there's the issue of walking away from AT&T when you still owe a few hundred on the phone, and possibly walking away from the bill, this means AT&T will send it to collections and it will crop up years from now when you least expect it and can least afford to have a bad debt come back to bite you. Like when you're trying to rent an apartment, buy a car, or get home internet installed.   

My advice, get on your local Facebook page and plead with locals who might have a used phone for AT&T that they're willing to give or sell you cheap.    It probably won't be as nice as the S10, but at least you'll be able to move your sim card and continue service. 

   Next piece of advice is from the mom, which I cannot help being, you should always put a good case and a good screen protector on your devices.  

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