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Sunday, February 18th, 2024 3:46 PM


Demanding Assistance, Unhappy AT&T Pre and Post Paid customer who has been scammed

Someone in your company who speaks English and that has a basic understanding of business ethics needs to call me as soon as possible.  After dozens of attempts with your call center arguing with who knows out of some foreign call center I am now motivated to hire an attorney.

HEY AT&T, mid last year someone signed me up for a post paid account using your "warp" system.  I'm not even convinced the number was free to give up.  Long story short I would call every month, voice my complaint, get a discount and your team would somehow convince me there as no ethical dilemma here.  Fast forward, phone stolen a few times, police reports on file, dealing with your insurance was a nightmare.  It took over a month to get a replacement on a readily available device.  Your stores are filled with undertrained and under resourced employees, I would know because I visited dozens of them attempting to find one person to stand in the way of me suing you by providing good customer service, yet here I am writing this message.  Long story short, I want the phone number I was given to me released and be mine.  I stopped paying my bill because you stopped fulfilling your contractural obligations.  You can have your phone back and lets go our seperate ways.  One of your store managers literally called the police on me, while doing that some bimbo with purple hair and face tattoos, an employee might I add, chimes in and accuses me of racism.  What the F&*&&?  Where did that come from?  It was clear what was happening.  Your company would rather steal from its customers, tell lies to police and be a worse company today than you were yesterday.  Prove us wrong.  

Wipe my debt, take your phone back, release my number and have someone from your legal team call me and somehow convince me not to sue you for lots of millions of dollars for what your company has put me through.  

I have been straight up punked and laughed at by members of your company.  You are trash company and your call centers are torture centers.  Your employees are trained to be giants pile of burning garbage.  

I wish I had worse words for you.  Having a handful of cops show up and attempt to arrest, notice how I said attempt,  me for trying to return a phone and phone that was created fraudulently is the most egregious thing a company has ever done to me.  Your store manager may have set a record for most dishonest statements in a row while attempting to conduct with me.  The store in question is on Flamingo Rd in Las Vegas.  Your manager allowed himself and his team to blatantly use defamatory and hurtful language towards a customer while making up stories about him and committing obstruction of justice by filing that with the police.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.

  Your "recorded" lines have sufficient evidence of my claims.

Phone number in question (Edited as per community guidelines)

Get this done and get it done quickly, You are currently hurting my credit after I've made more than enough good faith attempts to get this squared away.  

You have some very very bad people at your stores in the greater Palm Springs area and the greater Las Vegas area.  Names, dates and locations provided on request.  

You can email me at [email scrubbed] or call me at (Edited to remove personal information)

I have zero interest in talking with someone unintelligent who just states repeatedly "I completely understand, let me verify you for the hundreth time, collect more personal information from you, transfer your call, force you to repeat yourself and get an answer even dumber than the one before."   

How have you guys kept the lights on?

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4 months ago

I don't know why you think AT&T has not fulfilled their "contractual obligation", which as a service provider is to provide cellular service.

Whether or not you have a device that functions is entirely on you. 

AT&T is not an insurance provider. Insurance is provided through all cell carriers by Asurion.  

It is not AT&T's fault that your phone was stolen multiple times (and returned?)

AT&T does not have to take the phone back. You purchased it on a loan with zero interest. It's yours.  It's a used device you apparently have had several months. The return window for like . The return window was 14 days. 

Since you are not paying your bill, an obligation which you agreed to, AT&T is within its right to suspend service and after 60 days cancel it. You lose your number. The debt goes to collections which will ruin your credit for at least 7 years.

Your options through legal channels, start with the notice of dispute and go through arbitration or small claims. Based on your post, I don't see you having much success.  Post comes off as threatening, rude, and entitled, not educated, and lacking knowledge of your responsibility.  

If this is the tone you take with peons that work for a business I can hardly blame them for hanging up or not calling you back

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4 months ago

They will not email or call you based on this post.  They will tell you to contact them, which it sounds like you’ve already done.


Also, you should edit your post to remove your number since you’ve just given it out to every spam and scammer who reads forums looking for this type of information.

Your options are to file a BBB complaint that gets escalated to AT&T upper management, or file a notice of dispute.


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4 months ago

Hello @garycozad1987,

Please be mindful about sharing your personal details like, Phone number, email id, IMEI number, account number, last name, Credit/Debit card number, order number, Driver licence details, address. This is a public forum and your privacy is very important to us. As per AT&T Community Forum's guidelines http://sm.att.com/b9b8aa02 your personal details will be scrubbed. Have a great day!

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4 months ago

Apparently, you are unaware that these message boards are NOT a way to communicate with ATT.  These forums are CUSTOMER POPULATED therefore your threats & demands have fallen on deaf ears.

The way your post reads, it’s no surprise that the police were called.  😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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4 months ago


Looks like a few details were either omitted on my part or misunderstood on yours.  I did not sign up for a postpaid acccount.  They did that against my knowledge.  I signed no contract and I was signed for a 4gb plan which is not even advertised.  When asking for a receipt the employee left the sales floor.  I did not finance a phone through them on that transaction.  I was provided zero, I mean zero details as to my plan, my account number, etc.  They even created a new email address for me which I am not "authorized" to log in to.  It also seems as if they used this as an opportunity to create a Uverse account which I also have no access to.  Are you beginning to loosen up.  They are 100% responsible for cancelling that plan and refunding the money as they could not even produce a receipt of the orginal transaction yet I am billed every month.  How does that happen?  They also cannot track the employee that did it.  I didn't do it myself.  All of this is supported by camera footage.  Every call I've made recorded and the burden of proof is not on me, the action lies solely in their court to determine how much they want to lose in litigation or whether just one employee of theirs with some business acumen would like to save their company a lot of money by making this go away.  

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4 months ago

Well I can see providing you a receipt would have been a little good because you don't read.  Didn't read the website to know what plans were available.  And even the short post from Skeeter didn't get through. 

The community is customer populated. No one here works for,  or is paid, by AT&T.  

The 4 gig plan absolutely is advertised on AT&T's website. It's up to you to know what to purchase when you walk into an AT&T store (or Verizon or T-Mobile).  Clearly you didn't.

AT&T has five different postpaid plans advertised on its website.  And 5 different prepaid.  

If you want to talk to AT&T you have to contact AT&T directly.

It seems you already have, and have been just as unpleasant with them as you have been here

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