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Sunday, September 18th, 2022 7:54 PM

1 or 2 Line Filter

We have wall phones, a Computer, and home security all on phone lines. We have a lot of static on our phones, so much we sometimes have to hang up. We have filters on all that we installed in 1999 when the security system was installed. The static has only started the past couple years and has gotten really bad. I want to get NEW DSL phone filters but not sure if we need 1 line or 2 line filters. Can someone tell me??????



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1 year ago

If you have one line you need single line if you have two lines than two. Unless what you're hearing is the data on the DSL, which would also know you DSL down when using the phone the filter isn't going to help the static. Test from the NID with a known working corded phone to see if you still have static, you may have a line problem. Could install a whole house filter in the NID. 

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