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Fri, Sep 4, 2020 12:15 AM

pay to have better lines brought to our house

we live in what has to be a network rarity, the only network plan we can ever pay for (aside from satellite) is DSL, and that interferes with our work because we cant keep a stable zoom call. now you installed new lines to a house less than 1/4 of a mile down the road from us and they say they get 5mb/s. were maxed out at 300kb/s. needless to say downloading anything work related can take HOURS. to the point where me and my partner have to drive to a local restaurant to do work, sitting in our cars. we spend more for our internet each month than we do on 2 phone lines.


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Hey @hawkart,


We are here to help with your inquiry on bringing faster Internet to your location. You are able to request us to bring Fiber to your home/neighborhood. You can also find out what cities are underway in getting Fiber installed. We maybe able to make an address exception for Fiber depending on where the closest Fiber hub is located to you. If the hub is too far away. You can request us to bring it to your neighborhood. If you are  without an HOA, we recommend having multiple people within the community apply as well. 


Let us know if this helps.



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