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Tue, Jan 5, 2016 5:37 PM

UVerse Installation - New House, New Subdivision Phase

I am building a new house in a newly opened phase of a subdivision (zip code 39047).  The new phase has all-new infrastructure and I believe AT&T has installed underground fiber optic cable throughout the phase.


I'm running structured wiring throughout the house.  My question is what to provide from the outside of the house to my wiring closet.  When I talked with a UVerse tech. in July, he suggested 2 @ Cat 5/6.  However, I've seen discussion elsewhere that suggests AT&T may bring FO inside to a new indoor RG.  That leads me to think installing duct or conduit from the exterior to the wiring closet may be the better way to go (giving the greatest flexibility for installation options).


House exterior to wiring closet distance is about 25 feet (straight line), so about 30-ish feet by the time things are routed in the walls.


I'd appreciate any suggestions as to the direction I should go.






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5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.  I had actually thought of doing both after I posted initially, but wanted a "more informed" opinion before heading down that path.


My next question is what size duct would I need to accommodate a potential fiber patch to an indoor ONT?  3/4"? 1"?  Larger?  I'd hate to go through the trouble of running duct only to have it be too small.


In my "know enough to be dangerous mind", I'm wanting to place the ONT in my wiring closet to keep from having to put a separate ONT power supply in our garage and drill a hole through the exterior wall after construction. I understand options vary by market, which is why I'd really like to talk with one of the techs that work in my area in greater detail about this.


It's easy to prepare for this stuff now, while the walls are open and the brick is off.  Hopefully, by going through the effort now, I can save the tech some time when he comes out for the install and have a slick end-product to boot.  This way, everybody wins.


Thanks again for your response.



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