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Saturday, July 21st, 2018 2:34 PM

Internet speeds slow - confirmed with

I was on the phone with at&t to check my Internet speed. I had been experiencing slow downloads on my TV with Netflix and Prime.


The max download we could get was 12 mb/s. I'm subscribed to a plan that provides 25 mb/s. It fluctuated between 7 and 12 mb/s. The technical support rep agreed that was not in the acceptable range. I was on my laptop and closed all the apps like he suggested. The only devices I had online were 2 thermostats, 1 doorlock, the TV, and a mobile phone. No apps were running on my mobile. 


The only recommendation the support person could make was to have a technician come to the house which would be charged to me. It's clear to me that if my TV is experiencing slow downloads and the at&t speedtest is showing only 12 mb/s, then the issue isn't with my devices. The router or the line is not performing as they should. 


Can anyone give a more detailed explanation of what might be causing the issue? I feel like AT&T is not delivering on its contracted rate of 25 mb/s. 


Thank you. 



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6 years ago

The rep should have said the trip charge would apply if the problem was found to be outside of AT&T's area of responsibilities, i.e. not the outside cable or their Gateway.

Your issue could be one of signal to the Gateway, or (especially if wireless) an issue between your Gateway and your devices.

To troubleshoot your issue, lets start by visiting your Gateway's diagnostics.  Go to , go to the Broadband tab and look for the table of stats that includes Sync rates, Attenuation, SNR, and error counts.  Take a screenshot of that information and post it in a reply to this thread and let us help you interpret it.




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6 years ago

AT&T is not delivering on its contracted rate of 25 mb/s


AT&T doesn't guarantee wireless speeds, to many variables outside of AT&T's control.


To do a speed test, hook a laptop or PC directly into the modem with an ethernet cable.

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