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The new iPhone 14
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Saturday, November 19th, 2022 1:37 PM

iPhone 11

I recently upgraded my daughter’s phone at the local AT&T store.  Went well rep was good, as we were doing the transfer of data she informed us it could take up to 2 hours (it took about 20-30 minutes)to complete.

We took both phones with us and let it do the transfer.  Once done I returned to the store(it was 2 days later store had closed the night of purchase)with the old phone.  Since purchase the battery has died and when I went to charge it all it will do is flash the Apple logo.

AT&T tells me to go to the apps store (1.5 hours away) so I do.  The rep there was great and he did tests and said the board inside is bad.  Contact AT&T insurance as the rep said to do, after 2 hours on the phone with a rep there I get it will be a $100-$250 dollar deductible to fix said phone and we can give you $300.00 on a trade in.  I explained I was given the full trade in value of $800.00 at the store the night I got the new 14 phone.

I’ve spent hours trying to get help as I feel this issue to the old phone was do to the data transfer (it was working perfectly before this)and now ATT&T & the insurance division is giving me the run around with this.

I have been a customer for 10+ years with no issues and feel I’m being treated unfairly.

I'm looking to contact someone with authority that can possible help me with this issue.


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6 months ago

If the phone is bad, the phone is bad.  It seems impossible that doing a data transfer between phones, which happens every day, is going to fry the board.  If you use the Apple transfer methods (Quick start or restoring from a iCloud or iTunes backup), AT&T isn’t responsible, and even if AT&T used some homegrown data transfer method, you’d have to prove that their transfer fried the board.  If the old phone was still under warranty, Apple would be responsible for repairing/replacing the phone.  If not, you’re limited to insurance, and that has a deductible.  Asurion is the insurance company, not AT&T.  As regards to trade-in value, the $800 was for a working phone.  You can’t give them a non-working phone and expect the same trade amount.

Sounds like you just got unlucky in that the phone board happened to go bad before you traded it in.  Your best option is to get it fixed/repaired under insurance so you can get the full $800.  Think you’re in for a very difficult road in proving that the data transfer fried your phone, assuming that it was an AT&T transfer process, not an Apple transfer process, and getting what you want.  Good luck.


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6 months ago

Apps store? Do you mean Apple store? Of course there is a deductible to replace the iphone 11, that’s how insurance works. Why do you think you are getting the runaround? Also, did you really get the $800 trade in value at the store? That’s not how trade ins work. You get that $800 spread out over the 36 month installment plan but you do have to trade in a working phone. You seem to have a choice, either pay the deductible so that you can trade in a working phone and get the $800 credit or forfeit the $800 credit.

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