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Thu, Mar 26, 2020 4:50 AM

Secure family GPS showing impossible location

We were using the secure Family app for a while I stay home and my husband works away from home often so it was nice to just be able to be aware where he wants to see if anything might happen as well as when our son would leave home.

I being in the same place all the time do not usually put my location on unless I am using Google Maps and I keep it off obviously for battery conservation

I and my husband were both parents on the app companion app was not installed on either of our phones

And other strange things for another form going on with my phone my husband sent me a screenshot of the secure Family app showing that I was suddenly with him in a city I've never been to ever my GPS stating I'm sitting in the parking lot at the hotel he has been staying at for the last 8 months until the next morning when I apparently followed him to work and was at his job site with him all day the Dilemma is most of that time Not only was my location services completely off no accounts or anything were connected in any way shape or form to his phone my phone was literally brand new upgrade under a month new IMEI new phone number and new accounts that or just recently set up on the phone

I have been using this APP for almost a year he only recently a few days before downloaded and login to the app itself what would have cause this issue


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