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September 14th, 2009

About me

81 years old. Happily married to the same wonderful gal for 61 years. We have three married sons, 7 grandsons, 2 granddaughters & one great far. I'm a graduate of University of Kansas. Retired radio & television news director. Retired from second career as Director of Tourism for the State of Iowa. My hobbies are my photography....our computers....and amateur radio, FCC assigned call sign WD0P. I love good music. But, in my world, that is classical music and opera....and good jazz from the '50s, '60s and back to the big band era of the 1940's. For me...Rock & Country and Western are just highly irritating noise which actually give me anxiety attacks...I hate them so much. My instruments are piano and, formerly, trombone. I'm a survivor of extensive abdominal surgery back in 1974.....triple bypass cardiac surgery in 1991....other minor surgeries.....and, most recently & serious......Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis....from which I will not survive. That's about it.

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