September 22nd, 2008

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Been with the same woman since 1983, she asked me to marry her in 1984. We have two great kids, a son and daughter. Daughter has been accepted to, and is attending California State University at Stanislaus . Our son has Asperger's Syndrome, also considered by some as High Functioning Autism. He graduated High School in general population, that was a long and hard row to hoe, and we allowed him to take a semester off. We are getting him into Columbia University. He doesn't do well with crowds, loud noises, and in his words, "stupid people". But when he comes to me and my wife to tell us something, we stop what we are doing (mute the TV, Put down the book, etc.) just to hear everything he says because you just never know what treasures will come out of his mind. Children with these austic conditions seem to be the purest, free thinking individuals because they are not hampered by what is "politically correct" for the current times. They will say things that make you think because they do not feel hampered by society. Yes they are influenced by those that are working with them but those that work with them are always changed forever by interacting with these children and young adults. You walk away seeing the world differently, realizing that there are more important things to life than just surviving... Left law enforcement after 21 years due to try and start my own business. It failed, but you never know if you don't try...spent all my retirement money supporting my family and business. Involved in a motorcycle accident that left me physically unable to continue in law enforcement. I've got plates and pins in my left ankle, left collar bone, and left shoulder blade. My doctor said that he had never seen a shattered shoulder blade before, and during my surgery, there were five different doctors that came by to see what one looked like. I was lucky to have one of the best doctors on the west coast. Oh yeah, my spleen ruptured eight days after my accident while I was in intensive care. That's when I nearly died because they had a hard time finding enough A+ blood. Spent a month in intensive care before I could come home. State disability payments sent us into a financial spin and ruined our credit. Finally, barely, starting to very slowly get back on our feet financially after my accident. Living on State disability is impossible if you have a family and co-own your home with the bank. Went to work 12 weeks earlier than my doctor wanted, but I had to support my family. Well, at least I'm still alive. Now I'm a foreman and work for a company that makes US Grade AA butter for the western United States. I am not unemployed looking for work....

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