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Watching DIRECTV

Watching DIRECTV

Learn how to watch DIRECTV on your TV, computer or mobile device.


Boston HD locals on 12/8?

Anyone hear a different date?

H20 Guide / Filters Issues

I have an annoying problem with the guides and filters on the new H20 receiver. All the channels I like to watch are in "Custom 1" which I have rename

Audio Video Sync

Has anyone noticed Video delays on a lot of channels, Discovery HD, seems to be the worst. I have it on not only, two different HD TV's, with differen

it all started with Voip

I'm currently having problems with Voip, and looked for help, and just found out my $900 HD DVR (what I paid new), is going to be obsolete? When is th

picture in picture

bought anew hd tv and have hd receiver and dish coming how do i hook up picture in picture? do i need 2 receivers?and a multiswitch? any help? i am ne

H20 - Pillar box format on 480i, gray bars issue

If I use the pillar box format on 480i material with the matting set to gray there is a small gap of black screen between the pillar box and the 4:3 i

HD Local Channel Reception Issues- Atlanta

I live 20 miles outside Atlanta and am having trouble receiving the CBS and ABC HD signal. All other channels come in great. Is there something I can

H20 - Editing of active favorites list causes reboot

I wanted to edit the list I was using to add another channel. When I tried to scroll down for the third time the box rebooted. This was consistant sin

HD dish must be oval (multi LNB), not round style?

Here is my situation, I currently have a 4 yr old RCA 65" (MDL.# HD65W20) with built-in HD tuner / built-in Direct TV receiver with activated card. I

RF Out - Where did it go?

My "old" DirecTv TIVO has an RF in and out, making it straight forward to connect my VCR for transferring TIVO recorded shows. My "new" High Density D

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