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Watching DIRECTV

Watching DIRECTV

Learn how to watch DIRECTV on your TV, computer or mobile device.


HR10-200 Freezing

I have been having a problem with my HD DVR freezing and not responding to the remote or the buttons on the front of the unit. It will lock onto a sta

Samsung TV Audio with HDMI

There have been a few posts about not hearing audio when watching broadcasts in Dolby when using the TV speakers (versus the A/V speakers). I have a S

HD For X-Mas Need Help

I want to suprise my wife for Christmas and get HD televisio. however I want to get the best equipment available so I can be as up to date as can be f

Can I customize the "Local Channels" on H10 menu?

I added an OTA antenna to the H10 and my local stations now show up on the "All Channels" menu, but how do I get my them to show up under either/both

replaceing 3Lnb dish with 5Lnb or use TWO DISH'S

does any one know when I upgrade to the H20 reciver and they change out my dish to 5Lnb type, can I still us my regular recivers one MPEG2(hd) other R

new H20 receiver

I just saw on solid signals website that they are now shipping to anyone in the US the new H20 with $200 rebate. Which comes to FREE. No more restrict

Could this local HD fix work?

OK, i currently have hd dvr 10 and can't get locals in HD (SF area). D* recommends getting 5lnb dish and h20 plus adding dvr as well. of course this m

down conversion

I couldn't find the answer in any other post, so here goes... I upgraded to the HD receiver. My wife has two rooms which fed off of the previous stand

H.D. Questions

Greetings, 3 questions please as I've not yet received a reply on my original question.. Thanks! I recently upgraded to the 5 LNB MPEG-4 system and it

Hooking up a DVD recorder

I can't figure this out, please help. I have a samsung DVD/VHS recorder that I'm trying to hook up, I can get it to play DVD's and watch tapes but I c

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