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What Netflix’s Top 10 List Is Teaching Us About Its Hits and Misses

Netflix’s new Top 10 list has been in the U.S. for a little while now, and it’s the most information Netflix has given the public about how “well” its

How the 2010s were Star Trek’s hardest decade (and its most rewarding)

Star Trek is one of the most prolific and longest-lasting sci-fi series of all time and has managed to hang onto the public's imagination in a way few

Upcoming shows to watch during coronavirus ...

In this era, streaming is king (Netflix, we're looking at you). But it is important to remember that there are still some really great new tv shows be

How much are college athletes' names and images worth?

How much are a college athlete's name, image and likeness worth? And who would want to pay for them? The questions are front and center now that the N

Binge watching during coronavirus

With very little to do, other than stay in front of the TV, I was wondering what we’re all binge watching?I finally caught The Mandalorian (which I mo


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What’s Next for The Mandalorian and Star Wars TV?

When The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+, the House of Mouse's new streaming service filled to the brim with content, it forever changed the landscap

Latinx Representation On TV is Getting Better But Still Has a Ways to Go

Latinx representation on television has seen a sharp uptick in recent years with shows like One Day at a Time, Jane the Virgin, Vida, and the Part of

The New Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker is the new Doctor Who!!  I liked her in the first season of Broadchurch, she played The Mom.     &nb


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The One Where They Got Back Together

It’s official, Friends fans! After 15 years, nine months, and innumerable fan requests from around the globe, we now have the ‘brand-new information’

High Fidelity: The Art Of The Remake

The art of the remake is delicate and finite. Sticking to the source material too closely can elicit criticism, but so can veering too far off. High F