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Lutron Intergration

Once a week ( every now and then a little longer), my Lutron intergration stops working. I have to go to self connect, click on Lutron, then click


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Can't send or receive texts from one person

For the past couple days my dad's samsung note 10+ has not been able to receive my texts or send any to me. I have a samsung s10. I have tried restart

Trouble resetting password

I have a email that I have used for almost 20 years. I got a new phone and was trying to set up my email on my phone and unable to login


I only have two USB devices, mouse and keyboard. They both work fine and have been "installed" for 3 years. The above message appears in the bottom

SbcGlobal Email Not Working from Phone

A few days ago I received an error message on my iPhone that my email account with was unable to connect and receive any messages. This

My samsung galaxy s7 edge SM-G935A become locked after upgrading from marshmallow to Oreo

My samsung AT&T mobile phone was perfectly working befor upgrading. After upgrading my phone keeps starts saying "their is no service at your locatio

Cannot install Direct TV Video Player

I have a Windows 10 computer and cannot install the VideoGuard 13.0. I get the following error. I have made sure it is running, reinstalled, tried ev

What happened to the digital life action on Google Home

The following link provides instructions on how to integrate digital life with Google Home. However, when I search for the "Digital Life Action" as de


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need help with changing an email account name...when I send an email, recipients receive an email from "PAULPROTO". I can 't seem to find where this

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Community Changes Coming!

Hello Everyone,   We’re excited to share some big news about the Community Forums! Later this month you’ll notice some changes here, including a compl

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