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Text Sending and Receiving Issues on Galaxy S7

Hello, I recently was made aware that my phone has been having many texting problems. I receive doubled text messages, my sent messages to group chats


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Not getting mobile data

I just got a new unlocked Samsung Galaxy A71. Being that it is a newer international phone and not one being offered by AT&T, I did some research to s

Samsung S10e voicemail setup issues

I tried to set up my voicemail on my new phone, and its not working. I completed all the steps, but when I had my wife call me as a test, she got a m

how to fix emergency call only

I have a Samsung Galaxy a10e phone and it says emergency calls only. I have tried a lot of trouble shooting and nothing is working. It looks like I'm

Video calling

When i try to video call it says not available.


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7 hours ago

Not spam. But where did the report go?

I accidently reported my daughrers text as spam. Thats the easy part to unblock but where? I have a phone that was exclusively AT&T (Galaxy S8 active)

Trouble texting pictures to non-AT&T devices, post switch from Verizon...., WHY?

Switched from Verizon with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N930V), using Samsung Messages that came on phone for texting. I cannot text pics to non-AT&T us

Samsung Galaxy s8 plus mobile network issues

I am currently having issues being able to call, receive calls, browse the website like YouTube & etc....

AT&T Note 8 oreo 8.0??

Why aren't they updated to 9.0 pie?? A flagship device stuck on software from a year ago. I have service here in the usa...what is the freaking proble


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20 hours ago

Galaxy S20 Visual Voicemail Setup

Hi,I'm trying to set up by wife's S20 with visual voicemail and it keeps failing. It'll ask for me to dial the voicemail after it fails,which I do, an

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