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Discuss all the Samsung devices available from AT&T.


Numbersync randomly synced to another phone

I have tried to resync my wearable to my phone number, but it keeps selecting my husbands number. I have tried to follow the instructions on the foru

Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash

I just got the phone and activated it yesterday 3/27/20, turned it on and off Still can't send or receive messages. Called tech support waited 1 1/2 h

My galaxy s7edge

I cant call one contact in my phone. I get a busy signal. I can text them and they can call. What should I do

Phone calls

A woman from the east coast is getting all of my phone calls. I only receive texts, but if anyone tries calling all my calls are going to a woman name

Unlock code not working

With my express prime 3 I went to the unlock portal put in the imei and got an email saying I've been approved with an unlock code the I followed the

unlock samsung j2dash

I have called 7 time in the last 2 weeks. i called for unlock code and got one with email but when i reboot phone with the non-att sim card in it bri


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15 hours ago

What happened to single take s10

Hey there. So I got an update for March on my S10 and I do not see single take and the other camera enhancements. I have checked and it should be in c

G10+ Upgrade to Android 10 - NOT HAPPENING - Help?

I've called into AT&T 5-6 times now - the last 2 times they transferred me to Samsung.My G10+ remains on A9, even though AT&T has told me they manuall

I have a couple questions I have a Verizon Samsung S10 would it work on att network?

i do have its imei and i doubt it wouold but dont thesenewer phones work with all sim cards now? as well as i need att to check my account my name is


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Blocked device

When I try to call out on my phone it says I am blocked from network use

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