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Connected Car hasn't worked for a few weeks

I have a 2018 RAM 1500 with U-Connect and AT&T connected car. It stopped working around the beginning of February.  I've had a ticket open for a few weeks and finally got a response below.  They're still charging me btw.  If they're saying I have to go to the dealer to get someth






Is this a real AT&T phone number?

I was calling about an issue I had with my new service using a phone number from the official at&t website and they told me to call this number 855-930-0146. I called them and they told me my answer but is it a legit at&t number?




If you call out to a blocked number will it show as blocked on the call log

​If you call out to a phone number you have listed on your blocked list will it show as blocked 000-000-0000 on your att call log? ​I have never seen this on a bill until the past 3 months and we have had ATT for 10years.