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How Werner Herzog continues to propel the documentary into an art form

Not too long ago, the documentary was viewed as a stale genre. All too often, the general public dismissed documentaries as being uptight, boring, and

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer breakdown

Wonder Woman 1984 brings fans New Order, a dose of the '80s, Kristen Wiig's Cheetah, the return of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, and more!   Welcome to

A Movie for Every Self-Quarantine Mood

Time will tell if the COVID-19 pandemic is the crisis that defines our generation. But right now, it’s the war we’re fighting, and as health professio


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How Party Streaming Can Let You Watch Movies With Your Friends, Even If You’re Miles Apart

We take for granted simple things like watching a movie with friends and family. But, when you're stuck inside, life can get a little lonely. Fortunat

Get to Know Herbert’s Classic Dune Before the Reboot

The "Dune" universe is a sprawling, massive science-fiction franchise that began all the way back in 1965 with Frank Herbert's bestselling novel. And

13 Double Features For The Perfect Quarantine Movie Night

So you’ve got some time on your hands, huh? Might we suggest a double feature?With movie theaters closed and only a handful of new releases premiering

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Scientific Adviser From ‘Contagion’ Says The Movie Was A Warning

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, the 2011 pandemic movie “Contagion” has recaptured the public’s interest. The film has

Stand Out Performances From This Year’s Oscar Nominees

Regardless of who went home with a 2020 Oscar trophy at this year's ceremony, everyone was a winner for simply being “in the room where it happened.”

Al Pacino Is a Movie Star. Why Return to TV? Because It’s ‘Kind of Dangerous’

All Pacino has regularly added to his impressive film resume with several acclaimed performance in TV projects, including his Emmy-winning portrayal o