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More AT&T PREPAID Discussions

More AT&T PREPAID Discussions

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Sim card locked, no way of unlocking it

My sim card was locked, I needed the PUK code to unlock it, I still had 8 attempts left to unlock my sim card, but for some reason I have no way to en

Something for Nothing ?

I did recieve a text on my prepaid phone saying I will get an extra 10GB of data per month for the next 2 months !That IS Something for free.. !But I

Looking For My Refer-A-Friend Referral Code

Hello, I'm looking for my personal referral or refer-a-friend code. I'm currently on the "$65/mo ($45/mo w/AP) Unlimited Plan" and I checked the "aler

Prepaid phone not allowing calls

My phone is not accepting calls and when I call out it is saying that the call number is blocked from my account why is it doing this?

Free data

I didn't receive the 10gn of data being offered to customers. I was wondering if my plan not neing eligible was the issue?

My service isn’t working

I paid my dads phone bill and his service is still not on!

Cancel Prepaid Recurring Charges

Greeting, a family friend has recently passed away, I am in charge of her estate. I would like to cancel her prepaid recurring subscription, how can I

Pay my balance due

I'm trying to pay my balance due with my brother Arnold Bisarra debit card because I give him my cash in order to use his debit card but it keep sayin

prepaid flip phone..

I just bought a flip prepaid phone from target, the phone number comes up unknown and i can't add minutes or create an account

data not working with my 15$ promo plan

Yesterday i changed my plan to the 15$ promo plan to have 2GB of data. Payment was successful and my account summary shows all details.I just moved to


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