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Landline Phone Troubleshooting

Landline Phone Troubleshooting

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Waiting for a Tech All Day - No Show

We were given a 4 hour window. The window is up. Where is the tech? We hired our IT consultant to manage this, and now we are paying him to sit there and do nothing. What is going on? This is for a business Landline, which is not listed in the categories below.





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Landline no dialtone

We do not have a dialtone at this time. Just started this problem again today.  We had the same problem 2 weeks ago & service man came out & fixed whatever was wrong.





I'm a locator for Usic on the at&t prints I have come across a symbol for a ped with a "T"

No green line on prints. In fact peds on opposite side of road 50 PR copper. I've heard that an abandoned cable was there at one time. Old signs still present. Handbook says a "TC" is toll cable. What's a boxed in "T"? Terminated? Normally a cable would be xxxxxx out on prints.  Any help w