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Landline Phone Troubleshooting

Landline Phone Troubleshooting

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Loose green, brown, orange and blue wires hanging inside my house and need to be connected to the white bridge!

Have some phone jacks in the house that were dissconnected by Comcast to get their Internet as we live in the boondocks and AT&T Internet service did not meet my needs!  Can put the wall jacks back in an instant but where do the four color wires (green, brown, orange and blue) go on the wh





Cordless phone keypad sends wrong numbers during call (e.g., when dialing extensions, meeting IDs)

Since 2022, I used my ATT DL722210 worked great, even when I used its keypad during calls to dial extensions and meeting IDs. Now when I try that when I call several different phones, their voicemail greetings repeatedly say I pressed numbers I didn't press that don't show up in my display. T