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Your favorite NBA player probably has a favorite esports player

Forget on-court stats. With the NBA now a 24/7/365 league, fans want to know what players are doing outside of the 48 minutes on the game clock. The most likely answer? Playing video games. The average NBA player has a surprising amount of time on their hands. Even if they train for four hours and s





Esports league starts strong on ambitious global schedule

They stood, they cheered, they booed and they boozed. Turns out, esports fans in New York aren’t much different from their traditional sports counterparts.Packing a nearly 2,000-seat venue across the street from Madison Square Garden, those supporters validated the theory behind the Overwatch League





The Rise of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Rhythm Gaming

You're driving home from a grueling eight-hour shift. For many, the day is over as soon as they clock out, but your work is just getting started. Then, the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army blares through your car's modest stock speakers, that familiar bassline encircling you for 15 magical seconds.