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DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV Installation

Learn how to connect your DIRECTV equipment & features.


DVD recorder not detecting satellite signal

I just bought a DVD player/recorder (so I can have permanent copies of The World Series games beginning tomorrow) and I hooked it up to my tv with a s

Connection Help - 4 LNB Dish-->2 DVRs-->3 TVs

I am trying to figure out the best/easiest way to achieve this desired situation: I have a multi-satellite-4 LNB dish with a HR 10-250 HD/DVR Receiver

Directv Universal Remote

I have the white universal remote with the sliding component selector (RC16 I think). I pulled the code for my DTV reciever (DRD435RH Code 00392) and


i need a remote code for my dvr it is an r-10 the remote is a uni remote from a d-10 white and black. 01442 dose not work

H10 Manufacturer

I would like to use another remote to control my Direct TV H10 Receiver. Who manufactures this receiver. The manufacturer code is 200.

Remote Code for a Mitshubishi TV for control RCR160SBM1remote

Our landlord just had DirecTV installed and we are trying to program our remote to control our tv. We have a Mitshubishi tv. I would appreciate any he

Playstation 2 Setup

I am having trouble hooking up my Playstation. It seems to work on Video 5, but only in black and white. Should I be connecting the red/white/yellow w

Local Channels & HD broadcasts

I already recieve my local channels as is with Direct TV in the Washington DC aera.Do I need a OTA antenna to recieve HD brodcasts ?Signed :Dazed and

where to QUICKLY find a Sat C kit NE of Atlanta GA ???

where to QUICKLY find a sat c kit NE of Atlanta GA ??? please let me know so I can get my TV working again ... directv has left me hanging AGAIN .. no


15 years ago

RF (UHF) Remote?

Do the DirecTV receivers (the "free" receivers you get when you sign up) have capability for RF (UHF) i.e. "whole house" remote. I was told by a DTV r