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DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV Installation

Learn how to connect your DIRECTV equipment & features.


Recommended signal strength at outlet plate

My installation has a pretty long signal drop cable from the antenna which causes unacceptable levels of rain fade. I will be revising my distribution

Upgraded to DVR, question about LNB

I just purchased a new DVR receiver and service and love it. My question is; my dish was purchased about 7 years ago and is the small round dish with

cascading multiswitch

I just upgraded from single lnd dish to triple lnb to prepare for HD tv, hopefully for Christmas. My previous setup had a perfectvision 3x8 and I took


I just ordered the DVR and additional room reciever online. What is the equipment manufacturer/model # of the DVR and the standard reciever that I'll

1 bad coaxial cable

I have a a multi-satellite setup with SAT 1 and SAT 2 coming into my house on different coax cables. These actually hook into the dining room jacks an

tv power button shutting off receiver

i've got 3 d10-300's one of which was recently replaced. the replaced unit is at code 2a which is severely down rev from the 1009's. but here's the th

Vonage HR10-250 setup

Set your aera code to 212In phone options use these settings.Dial Prefix 2122773895Call Waiting ,#034 TonePhone Availability OFFDial Tone OFFDo a test

How to wire for basic cable plus 4 DIRECT TV receivers

Installer tried to stick me and left me with direct on three TV's with no cable and cable only on the 4th. Plenty of room in attic to walk around. If

Having trouble hooking up DVR R10

I have 4 cables coming into the house from a multi-sat Oval, 3 LNB dish. I have 2 of the cables going to my HD DVR Receiver, 1 cable going to a standa

Remote Code for a DSX 5500

My situation: I just bought a Gateway loaded with Microsoft Media Center (allows me to watch, record, manage my TV on my PC). I have two DVR's in othe