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DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV Installation

Learn how to connect your DIRECTV equipment & features.


where is the "clear button"

We keep seeing a shortcut that says to delete programs, just hit "clear" in "now playing". We have a white remote that say RC24 in the corner - can't

need remote codes for AKAI TV MODEL NUM CT3226

the vol doesnt work and the on button on the top right hand corner doenst shut it off it has in the past on the other tv we had i have to use the remo

Remote Code for Magnavox MSD520FE TV

This is a 20" TV/DVDAnyone have any other codes I could try on this?My receiver is the D-10

DVR's with IR system

I have all of my electrical components in an equipment rack with one IR flasher that flashes everything. I would like to have two DVRs in the rack. I

searching signal for international channel..........

all channels have good reception except the international channel we try moving the dish to get a better signal but only get up to 40 then went back t

DVR Hookup

Can you hookup a regular DVR to a direct tv receiver d10to record tv shows?

any signal at all in Kuwait

I am a reservist that got called up and now I am in Kuwait. Is there any way I can use the reciever that goes in my RV on this side of the globe. Is t

help hooking up dvd player

have the hughes sat. reciever and a coby dvd player. have moved and can not find info on either please help with setup

Oval Dish - Not Receiving International

Mine is an international dish with local and international channels. I think its 2 LNB Oval dish. I am receiving Local Channels, but not receiving any

Cable Card for built in HD tuner

Does Direct TV provide a Cable Card such as used with land cable for use with a built in HDTV tuner? I have just purchased a Sharp Aquos 37' LCD and p