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DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV Installation

Learn how to connect your DIRECTV equipment & features.


Triple LNB with a 3x4 multiswitch setup...

From a triple LNB dish I?ll run two cables to a 3x4 multiswitch. From 2 multiswitch outputs I?ll run two cables to my living room HDTV which has a HD

Picture in Picture

I'm a bit new at this... need help setting up the picture in picture on my tv. Can anybody help with this?Thanks.

D10-300 remote setup

I have 2 D10-300 receivers in the same room. I need to change one to another ID. In manual, for remote setup, it states you can program remote to oper

Moving my system in my house

Does anyone know if they make a remote/wireless satellite box or convertor so I can move my TV around without attaching a long cable..?

Sylvania DVD with Video Cassette

I have tired everything and can not get it to work at all.The rear view ant inant out ch3 ch4 DVD/VCR COMPONENT OUT VIDEO OUT L IN AUDIO DVD/VCR R AU

help how do i hook up a playstation 2

my son's tv is an older model

Receiver Picture, but not signal

I just installed my DTV receiver. I get the start up guide to come on my screen, and walk thru it until the signal test, there I get nothing on any tr

ordering football games

i guess my phone line is not workin cuz i cant order anything at all and i was wondering if i can only order one game this sunday.

do i need to really have a phone line?

I do not have a land line, and with Dish I didn't need one either to use their service. However, it _looks_ like I need one with direct. Am I wrong he


My son got hold of my remote control and now it doesn't work properly! I have tried resetting the system, re-programing the remote, and fixing the rem

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