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DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

Get help with your DIRECTV DVR and receivers.


R15 DirecTV Plus DVR out yet

I noticed the DVR's don't have the Tivo logo anymore.Does that mean the current ones under rebate until 11/5/05 are the new R15s?

DVR showing a lot of noise in Dark areas

I have noticed that my DVR is showing a lot of 'snow' type noise in dark picture areas. This is more noticeable on some channels than others. Desperat

Inaccurate Recording Time

I have the Samsung SIR-S4040R DVR. The manual states that the DVR will record up to 35 hours; however, mine will only record about 20-25 hours before


Just got a Directv Tivo and could not find anything in the manual about standby. Is there any reason to push this button?

DVR to VCR recording

Is there any way to select several shows to move to VCR at the same time, or must I just do one at a time???Thanks

No Local Channels in Boston area? Searching 771

Ok I was watching local channels earlier today and now I just get the searching for satellite signal 771 error on all my local channels 2-100. What is


I am having a problem recording my soap operas. Everything is hooked up properly. I set the VCR and the soap operas that I want to tape. When I look a

Loss of channels

I am still having reception problems with some channels.Food TV bad reception, scifi none at all, local channels horrible reception....Are people clos

Rebate for current subscribers?

On DTV's website, new subcribers can get a dvr for free(99.00 - 100.00 rebate) but for current subscribers its 148.00 - 100.00 rebate. Can current sub

Picture problems

I've got a HR 10-250 and as of the last two weeks or so, on any given channel, whether it's an HD or SD channel the picture goes black for one or two