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DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

Get help with your DIRECTV DVR and receivers.


Receiver doesn't turn on

Everything is plugged in right - woke up this morning and can't turn it on...Anyone else have that problem. What to do?Can I take the reciever that is

Snow on just my Tivo receiver?

I have two boxes. The one upstairs thq picture quality has been great, but the one with the Tivo has snow. My signal strength is fine and the is no pa


15 years ago


For the last week I've been getting black, zig-zag lines diagonally across the tv screen. What's the cause and the remedy?Why doesn't Directv have ema

D10-200 receiver PLEASE HELP....

I have had Directv for about 3 weeks now and keep having to reset my receiver (basically every day). Sometimes when I turn the receiver on there is no

Chanel change delay (no response)

Since my service was upgraded last week with the interactive features it is not better and faster. As a matter of fact when I try to change channels a

Screen Door with sports action?

I have my DVR conncted to my Pioneer 815-k receiver using S-video and then into a Toshiba 36" TV, also using S-video. The problem I am having is while


I only have one cable wire in the room. Adding an additional wire is a problem due to the way the construction was done. Is there any type of splitter

DirectTV keeps changing my custom channel setup

I use a Custom Channel list so that only channels I frequent show when I pull up the Guide Menu. However, DirectTV keeps channing my custom list. For

Picture looks animated

My DVR HR10-250 stopped working so I unplugged it and when I plugged it back in it worked fine except the picture looks animated. It looks as if you t

Bad MultiSwitch?

I have the triple-feed 18x20 dish with the builtin multiswitch. On the first 2 output's I have a hughes DVR hooked up, ( no problems with it at all) o