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DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

Get help with your DIRECTV DVR and receivers.


Audio recorded sounds like Warble or Chipmonks

On some recorded shows the audio is garbled sounds like a "warble" wavy sound on the whole sound track. The voices are discernable but shaky (Hard to


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8 years ago

word demo keeps poping up every 20 seconds

I have a standard hues box (geobo) while watching tv today my picture was interuped by the word demo and then the system went into a demo of the gude

random freeze

I have Directv DVR R10. I notice the occasional pixel freezerandomly... happens for a second.. sometimes not for hours... New unit less than 3 days ol

direction of satellites

in general, which direction S.SE.SW.W or???) do i point dish and what number satellites should i be getting. i' located on the upper eastern shore of

pixelation during dark scenes?

I'm new to DirecTV. I'm having a problem. When a scene is especially dark during a television show, I'm getting a kind of strange digital artifacting.

Receiver Keeps Freezing Up

I just had the new "interactive" menus a few weeks ago. Frequently my receiver will "freeze" or "lock up" for a minute or two and pressing on my remot

Using Sat 2 Input on R10 Receiver

Just a quick question regarding the hookup of SAT 2 input. I have an Oval 3 LNB dish with 3 seperate receivers hooked up. What do I need to do to util

Compression Frustration

I have had notice that ever since I was sent new recievers that the picuture had an unacceptable amount of artifacts. Espcially on solid backgrounds a

record / watch shows at same time

I have a dual LNB and two receivers. Separate cables run from the LNB to each receiver. The primary is a TIVO and the secondary is just a standard sat

One Satellite Input not working CONT.

I have a DVR R10 where Sat2 works fine but Sat1 has intermittent signal issues. I swapped the lines and now Sat 2 has problems and Sat 1 works fine.Wh