DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

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signal is locked. asjust for strength

my satellites is 101 Abut all my transponders say either no signal or signal is locked adjust for strength but my strength is 94. please help had serv


forgive me I'm a rookie, will a regular tivo work on the direct TV system or do you have to buy a unit from them. Also do you still need a phone hook

Digital output?

I’ll ask the question in a different way. Is the “pixilation” an artifact of compression or conversion that can be eliminated by imputing D*’s digital

RCA standard - frozen pic, no audio - help!

We have an RCA standard receiver that is about 5 yrs old. It has been working fine up until last night. We turned on the TV & we got the message that

Greenville, SC Local Channels

Hi all, I'm getting a message on the screen that says "We are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. Please stand by. We apologize for the inc

Big black rectangle in middle of picture

A few days ago a large black rectangle with a few letters that change at the top left suddenly popped up on the screen, blocking a good bit of the pic

Interactive channel

Is there an interactive channel yet? I liked the interactive weather channel on Dish or the interactive free games.


It worked great up until the Texas Baylor game. 😞 anyone from texas having the same problem?

Missing or limited channel info.

It seems that on my receiver I have in my family room, that when I hit the info button on my remote, that sometimes I'll get all the info for the movi

Searching for satellites

From the time this system was installed we have had problems with receiving transmission in the front room, the back bedroom has been okay for most pa